Menampilkan Warehouse di Preview DO

  1. Setup | Form Template | DO
  2. Edit template DO yang dimaksud, lalu ke bagian DETAIL.
  3. Jika dihalaman DETAIL untuk Warehouse kolom Print nya bisa dicentang, centang kolom Print tsb, lalu klik button Designer untuk mengatur posisi kolom Warehouse yang ditampilkan.
  4. Close Designer dan pilih Yes untuk konfirmasi Save Changes.

Kondisi lain :

  1. Jika ternyata di DETAIL untuk Warehouse kolom Print tidak available untuk di centang, kita centang untuk Reserved1 atau 2 atau Reserved yang lainnya, bagian Name isi dengan Warehouse.
  2. Klik button Designer, di kolom Reserved yang terisi dengan variable [Reserved1] misalnya, ganti dengan variable [WPIName]

(Available for v4)


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  1. Sahil
    Sahil says:

    Of course you can build a much betetr computer, I never implied that. I also prefer building myself rather than Apple doing it and having twice as much power, it’s just that everybody seems to have the same close-minded opinion about it without talking from experience at all. I’ve had both machines and now I’m using a PC. I have my reasons, but I still think Macs are great for work and multimedia. It always depends on what you’re going to do with it.


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